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shoes + a basin tub [May. 12th, 2010|07:02 am]

Originally uploaded by yerinmok

i'm glad some people keep clean shoes, heeheheeehee

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Divulgence, is SIN. Kids, Don't Ever Wallow! [Feb. 23rd, 2010|03:43 am]

Hey niggaz:
(don't kill me please, i'm a brav)
Anyway, it's been an age old since i revisited,
and i apologise. So many of millions of things have
happened, to which, i must have seen coming,
despite the fact that 1/2 of it would be doings from
my self-inflicting arm, but we're all kids trying to
act our age, isn't that so? LAME EXCUSE. "tsk"

Ah well, the time came for me to lose a touch of my
loving sleep now cause a pretty darn close friends'
other half (they've been together for pretty much,
their entire lives) just went away, for good, the goodness
of GOD, to which, i inexplicable and if i should want to
debate myself (for GOD knows whatever reason) then, it
will suit for another time's post, or maybe never,
yeh, let's keep it to never.


It's so tiring to have to make decisions for yourself,
when some kids (mostly, they call themselves, adults, or
even, working individuals with a mind of a million lunatics,
'king-rat'-ting themselves into stupified, generalisational oblivion,
shit, where was i? My complete love for employing long,
everlasting sentences (probably subconscious defect, but
truly exasperating for the reader, i must feel...) Holy shit!
There i go again! Lost! KNN (in local terms probably an English
way of putting up a 'PAR' (Thanks ND) or maybe just give up a
grind on someone, push him to the side and take a negative
word by the arm of a maschette and twisting it.

OH mother.

What have i done here, or maybe more so, what hasn't gone the
way it should've! It's been 2 years, since i saw a steady,
trustworthy human being, and the one i happen to have found
some sort of comfort in... yeh, PAMM always keeps it simple,
don't i kids? I've always said, ever since my first heartbreak,
irrelevant now, as he may be, but always present in my memoirs,
a friend, than anything else, cause with that, will eventually
spell "heart - fuckin - ache" on the letterboard, and no,
nobody gets a prize, no one will walk away with a free trip,
so why waste anyone's time? Like i used to say, up till somehow,
i had to sink into the levy of feeling "romance" or "love"
or some shit buttterfly analogy in my tummy and dryness in
throat bull they force into novels + movies. OHMYGAAAS!
It's official! I've sunk into the neverending story with that annoying
song that sticks in your head just like some crap LADY GAGA pulls
from her so-called, "performance fashion under garment"!
What in the world! Call lola! Call the Fire Department!

Wait.. while we're at it, Call Clint Eastwood! ... (pleeeease :}

Enough of nonsense! I've never felt so messed up in my entire
being, from head to heart, mind to talent in skill in my fingers,
i've never felt so under-achieved before the year passed it's age
of 2008. OH mothers, i keep awake most everyday to think about
the madness i've brewed over these two more-to-be-in-a-novel years,
than any other thing i should be concentrating on, which is my
work, and i hate that it's happened. Perhaps, this is what
experts call, a mental intrusion into a not-so-good-scenario,
that leads to being 25 and quarter-life-criseeeesed. (SPELLING CHECK!)

My word, i've never felt to self-absorbed than i have. I started
off trying to write about my friend's other half, and here i am,
bellowing about my own minor grief! And for what! Actually...
both events ride upon the subject of boys, oh my word.


Keep far, and keep further. Don't come nearer unless you feel,
you really want this. And i mean, more than anything else.
It was really painful to read nonsense, but will be even more,
if i just ignore them further, you think?


Maybe i AM stronger than that, HELL, i AM!
I will not weep for anything else other than my work.

And to my dearest friend, that sort of torment is unfair to
even a beast that rots in jail for killing a child. Nobody
should ever have to go through the loss of a loved one,
too dear to be stricken with any emotion.

Maybe one day, i will read this again, and laugh with my
long lost other. AND, mao, mos def. :]

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Cheerios are Powerful Good! [Oct. 20th, 2009|05:28 am]

Vintage Ad #881: Cheerios are Powerful Good!
Originally uploaded by jbcurio

Lovely + straight forward vintage ad for Cheerios!
I enjoy the simplicity. +

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osuwari [Sep. 22nd, 2009|05:21 am]

Originally uploaded by rahen z


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Merry-go-round [Sep. 18th, 2009|07:54 am]

Originally uploaded by sinamo_photo

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It's a miracle [Sep. 9th, 2009|12:53 pm]

It's a miracle
Originally uploaded by frogers

More lovely things at his Flickr

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Benjamin Button [Sep. 9th, 2009|12:44 pm]

Benjamin Button
Originally uploaded by frogers


"One of many rejected comps for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Some experimental type AND Brad Pitt.. I don't understand what went wrong. ha"

I don't understand what went wrong either!

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+++ [Sep. 1st, 2009|12:30 am]
[mood |fullfull]

i Thought i deleted my account on myspace,
but i guess not! And i've a great bunch of only
4 friends, including Tom. Terrific!

Despite everything else, being in this country and
this state of unproductive, uninspired mind,
is really setting me back alot of time.
Who knew i'd let myself dwindle down an A-typical
path of being in a niche, office-come-to-life-at-night job,
and yet still be troubled by the most sissy
of being with someone problem. Ridiculous!

Besides that, the days come by worse and worse with
each passing problem and minute. I recently came to find,
that one of our "heroes" in this industry, turned out to
be nothing but an old dog with no new tricks, bullying
senior, incompetent hard headed ASSHOLE. Real class act.
But what kind of memory would life be, if i wasn't trying
to leave the bad stuff behind, and so, to summarize,
i pro-furiously despise the people who cannot handle
their own egos and let that render their own dicks. Too bad
you have a cute girlfriend, seemingly sweet, but all respect
in any consolation, has been plucked from its originally non-germinating
seed anyway. Good riddance ass wipe.

In clearer pictures, the Saturday of Black Sun Empire @ Phuture,
though perhaps not a howling success in terms of a fat fat crowd,
but the kids were there, the ones who matter and the new ones
from whoever knows where! A million BIG UPS to Kiat + Kane MC for
giving life and bringing a great start to the gig. AWESOME. And
defo a thorough Respect for the man himself, Sasha + the Lowqui,
really a step above, Thanks for all the memories. My big feat,
since joining Zouk a yr ago. I am glad.

And to leave with, a few things have been making life a little
more complex yet satisfying colourful. To a smelly stick, of whom
i am slowly cleaning up, the girls will love you once i'm done!

RAA and sometimes, while it's better to not know, wanting to find
out, and tweezing your flesh with your own blade is only human.
It's only human!

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One Eyed Pirates [Aug. 7th, 2009|02:21 pm]

One eyed pirates
Originally uploaded by thomask
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Annaura [Aug. 5th, 2009|07:20 am]

Originally uploaded by { designvagabond }
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Just Walking By [Aug. 5th, 2009|07:00 am]

Originally uploaded by inthelighthouse
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Float Around Fridays + Old Kids [Jul. 25th, 2009|07:09 pm]
[mood |okayokay]

Dinner in 10 mins, and still entertaining a bunch of
last minutes orders, such is a productive organisation.

9PM cab ride around Tiong Bahru to no. 5 for office visit.
After, a walk through old HK (only cleaner) up + down hills,
pass cats and alley roaches to a brilliant Cantonese dinner.
Champagne roasted pork ribs, lotus + peanut soup,
sambal kangkong and Jazzy Jeff! Thank you Tommy chan!

Walk back with a buzzin apple, work work work.

1AM, Adri + friends are here. Push + shove through
"wao wao wao" music. Dizzy in our tiny corner,
followed by being roadside punks. Dan Lin,
close to nature, Jeremy all stoic, Tommy joining
in the fun. Young girl regurgitating on herself,
on her back, on the grass nearby. !! Kids on overdrive
should really be chained to a pole from the sky, and await
the rain and lightning to brighten them up, arg.

4AM, fried chook wings with Ming Ming! Cats fight club,
egg prata + ice limau. Talk about my new secret, his new
project, the happiness and all from the above.

6AM, halfway chat home and sleeping awaits before morning.
Miss you, byebye.
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Writer's Block: Pick and Stick [Jul. 24th, 2009|06:49 pm]

If you could only eat one kind of cuisine—Mexican, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.—for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

I love my oriental yummy, but i think Japanese comes a close 2nd too.
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Paper Taken Over [Jul. 24th, 2009|12:12 pm]

Originally uploaded by frompamm
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Excellent Tiny Ideas [Jul. 23rd, 2009|09:16 am]

Originally uploaded by Molly | Orangette
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